Today, you are a member of… Enharmonic Equivalents

Wouldn’t it be great, Members, if science discovered, hidden beneath grey folds of synaptic constellations, some weird part of our brain that, if activated, could make a full-on pedal harp appear at will. Such a superpower would be useful when, say, the silence is killing you or you want to give that knave casting dispersions through cryptic prestidigitation something to do with his hands or you find yourself thinking, “This place needs some classing up” or in fact the situation already has a native tuning of C-Flat major. It may seem unlikely that any such power will be known, since science is busy fending off jerks with palimpsest obsessions, serving the beast we call War, and spending way to much time developing new mind-statising drugs (rather than the mind-altering variety) but it can’t hurt to dream, right Members?

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