Today, you are a member of… Exiting Entrance Strategies

Free will is pretty sexy, right Members? A nice big brain opting its way around the universe, shaking its declarative memory, motioning and adopting stances for its deliberative body, and cornerstoning self-important topics like existential metaphysics can be more attractive that gravity, yes? But what about all the muscle-memory celebrity that hogs the spotlight during football season or the virtuostic exactitude of exo-brain reflex arc, yawning, and blinking, and sneezing their way through the scene (with such blunt spokesmen as Matthew Barney)? Point being, we have a variety of good-looking command centers afloat in what one televised alien so aptly referred to as our “giant ugly bags of mostly water.” So this week, a rare single digit week in the new year, hovering in between birth weeks of Elvis and Deleuze, defenestrate yourself from the concrete structures poured from last years antics, leave the boring resolutions to lop-sided thinkers, and get onward with it.

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