Today, you are a member of… ExSpandex

spandexIt took over a decade of research for chemist Joseph Clois Shivers Jr. to serve up something special to his bosses at DuPont. But maaaaaan those ten long years of sweat, lab work, and corporate tie wearing paid off because in 1959 his name was forever linked with “Fiber K,” a textile made of synthetic segmented elastomeric copolymers. Said brilliance is better known as Spandex, a magic fabric providing foundation to ladies undergarments, aerodynamics to freakish cyclists, and the proper codpiece go-with to glam rockers. This week you’ll experience a similar state of inventiveness, members. And though, similar to the brainchild of Joe Shivers, your experiments might not always yield the most flattering results they will in fact outfit you with the psychic pants you need to stretch in.

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