Today, you are a member of… Flying Arrow’s Hypercoast

On this day way back in the land of 1989, the riders of the first hypercoaster climbed into the scarlet-red cars of the Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point, set their buzz bars in place and proceeded to experience the thrill elements of speed and airtime accomplished not by forceful power-launch, but by the sheer potential energy that gravity gives a lift hill. And yes, this week, what goes up must come down, but by dint of its very definition, the hypercoaster has no inversions and hell, the sensation of negative G-force will feel a bit like flying anyway. Pretzel turns or headchoppers, hammerhead or horseshoe banks, all that’s needed to enjoy the out and back is a little faith in engineering and the foresight to put your glasses in your pocket.

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