Today, you are a member of… Flying Bikes

Do we even bother to notice their grandeur any more, Members? Do we remember that they are much more than associative physicalities of flipped-out passengers, pilots, and flight attendants or catastrophic loss of life due to religious shenanigans? Do we bear in mind that what was, on March 31th 1903, an out of control, unsustained, thoroughly allegedly “first flight” by jafa Richard William Pearse (which ended in a hedge crash) is now an everyday regularity where beverages are served and thousands of miles are covered in the time it takes to catch a nap? Do we think of the science that proves what is heavy can fly and what has wingspan is aerodynamic when our flight is delay 20 minutes? Do we have braniacs working day and night, not on better bomber specs, but more space age rides? If the answer to all these questions is a cynical ‘no’, look up dammit look up.

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