Today, you are a member of… Flying Buttresses

pigeonPigeons aren’t all about eating garbage and crapping wherever they please. During WWI homing pigeons served as a major line of communication and won war medals because of it. Case in point: Cher Ami – the third homing pigeon Captain Charles White Whittlesey sent up in the air when his 77th Division Battalion, trapped by Axis forces in Argonne France, got hit with friendly fire to boot. After his first two compatriot birds got shot down, Cher Ami took a bullet to the chest, was blinded by another, and lost a leg – but got the message through, saving 194 soldiers. He won the Croix de Guerre, became the mascot of the Service Department and had a wee little wooden leg carved for him for his bravery and honor. This week, members, something unexpected has got your back, it just might take you a couple tries to realize it.

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