Today, you are a member of… Friggatriskaidekaphiliia

Yes, to quote Throbbing Gristle, “What a Day / What a Day / What a Dull Day / All Day All Day / All Dull Day / What an Awful Day” but that doesn’t mean your Friday the 13th need be bullied by boring superstitions or long-in-the-tooth franchises involving crystal lakes. No, for Friday the Thirteenthian members, numerology is not destiny and a week with a gambit coinciding with the birthday of Buckethead is nothing to fear. Just because you were raised by chickens and have a crypto-nostalgic soft spot in your political activism for such environs doesn’t mean you can’t leave the barnyard. So sure, this week you can get your gristle on and sing in a child’s voice about the horror of duodecim incompleteness, but why not turn on the Psychic TV and get live with a bit symphonic atonality? Nothing less than pure Mesa Boogie triple rectification awaits.

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