Today, you are a member of… Future Shock

Yes Members, this week starts out with Memorial Day weekend, that time carved out to reflect on the sacrifices those in the armed forces make in the hideous service to the human reality of war. It’s unclear how this ritual became associated with keggers, but such is the reality. So instead of swimming around in social landscapes littered with potato salad, hot dogs, and political amnesia, lets ruminate on the futures past. The future used to either be 1) a place of gleaming modernist architecture, cities dedicated to achieving progressive utopias and whizzing sounds of bitchen jet-pac technology or 2) a post apocalyptic, entrapping monolith characterized by themes found in Philip K. Dick novels and the Prophet-5 keyboard’s ominous sequential-circuit sounds. Regardless of the vision you favor, both involve an element of future shock that hairless monkeys actually survive. So this week, Members, you can’t argue with the past, but you can be jolted by the future. It’s got lots to say so listen up.

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