Today, you are a member of… Gangs of KBOs & QB1-Os

What’s trans-Neptunian, satellite-less and named after the Rapanui bird-god of humanity and fertility? Why MakeMake, Members – the cubewano minor planet swinging way out west of the Solar System, discovered this week in 2005. Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs) with dwarf planet status are the cosmic equivalents of “Oh Yeah?” to our astronomical rubic since the only thing keeping their planetary-mass objectness from My Very Educated Mother status is the fact that they haven’t sucked up other objects into their gravitational field and/or kicked trespassers out of their orbit routes and/or dovetailed with the historical classification of Pluto – in otherwords: It’s Academic. So this week, make like MakeMake: flip the bird to talky systems that do nothing for your celestial hydrostatic fantasticness and keep swinging.

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