Today, you are a member of… Getting on the Horn

The universe is a big place and it’s been around for 13.7 billion years. When it busted on the scene with the Big Bang, it not only covered the place with matter but shot a wave of radiation out into its becoming self so fierce, that it’s still detectable it today. Like many great scientific discoveries, some guys predicted / guessed that this was the case and other guys discovered / accidentally stumbled upon the proof. While Robert Dicke, Jim Peebles, or a David Wilkinson, ruminated on the possibility that the the birth of the universe had a discoverable signature, Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson were shooting pigeons and cleaning up guano from the inside of Bell Labs’ Horn Antenna in efforts to get rid of an irksome noise interfering with their radio wave experiments. Said noise, of course, was the residual birth of the universe and their accidental road to a Nobel Prize. This week if you feel yourself pulled between hazarding a guess or fumbling for an answer, just get on the horn and listen. Odds are, you’ll find something quite unexpected.

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