Today, you are a member of… Gilles Deleuze’s Birthday

rockcityThe study of solid material is as diverse as it is repetitious. Take rocks. Or rather Rock City. Yes, it’s Beautiful Rock City Tennessee, an old Native American lookout rock formation with a vantage point of seven states that became the Chattanooga amusement park, made famous for the barn advertisement campaign executed by Clark Byers, who painted 900 barns in 19 states from 1936 to 1968. But it’s also Detroit “Rock City” the Michigan motor town that KISS and Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent made stellar with rock ‘n roll and tight pants and face paint, which is it’s own kind of beauty. This week, if you take “a rock is a rock is a rock” to mean that Gertrude Stein is nuts, you’re going to miss everything that’s great about the rhizome, which is to say, everything that is incredibly, variantly, differently, and beautifully in same.

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