Today, you are a member of… Go Crazy

Did you know, Members, that today, back in 1859, temporary insanity made its courtroom debut? The plea was entered by a dickish and pale New York congressman who was not only rich and prone to scandal, but who was very guilty of murdering the son of the guy who wrote the United States’ national anthem, alleging that being cuckolded made him momentarily batshit. With a defense team consisting entirely of other Tammany Hall-tainted congressmen and press coverage that makes the OJ spectacle look positively remote and shrouded in mystery, the trial was the first in what seems like a long line of convenient acquittals. Be that as it may, Members, this week, it’s suggested that, if you find yourself going a bit bonkers, opt not for the lawyered-up, diminished-capacity, twinkie defense sort of crazy, and instead, take a ride on the boundlessly productive and infinitely more attractive purple motorcycle.

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