Today, you are a member of… Gravity Ain’t Nothin’

Consider the contradictions of August 3rd, Members. On this day in 1936, one Mr. James Cleveland Owens, a Black man born in the South and raised within the confines of de jure racial discrimination of Jim Crow America, represented said America in an Olympic games hosted by a nation fermenting a geopolitcal agenda draped in notions of Aryan racial superiority. There in Berlin, he took 4 golds in races he led with leads which would make Usain Bolt point in deference AND he had no problem finding a hotel room. To boot, Jesse Owens wore some fancy new kicks designed by Adi Dassler, ostensibly to promote Mr. Dassler’s new brand: Addidas. After the games, our Mr. Owens went home, scored more endorsements only to find himself on the Olympic Committee’s shitlist for getting too commercial – something not only assumed but encouraged in today’s Games. Later in life, after working a dry cleaning business and staffing as a gas station attendent, Mr. Owen was appointed Good Will Ambassador. Similarly, this week is riddled with those here and there scenarios that defy demands of logic. But just like just like the fantastic quadra-oro Mr. Owens, your victories will prove once again that most existential of contradictions: Gravity may be a drag, but it’s also the weakest fundamental force.

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