Today, you are a member of… Gravity

Image courtesy of Galileo Galilei
Image courtesy of Galileo Galilei

As members know, 2006 is the Year of Escape Velocity – no matter what your gravity – seven miles a second ain’t nothing’! No doubt some members have enjoyed the most archetypal experience of said named year, breaking free from the metaphysical and psychological equivalents of earth’s gravitational pull.  But as true as the day is long, other members haven’t quite made it into orbit. What, for some, is a year of continuous and exuberant busting loose may have turned out for others as a year of writhing struggle.  Well, a word to those who have shed their old gravitational constants: gravity is responsible for galaxies, black holes and the expansion of the universe, so don’t go dissing it entirely.  And to those still firing their plasma jets in low Earth orbit, remember: Gravity is the weakest force in the universe. It may be tough; it may get you down.  But in the grand scheme, can’t hold a candle to, oh say, your electromagnatism.

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