Today, you are a member of… Great, Just Great

It’s Amazing…AMAAAAYYYYYYYzing. Yes, that’s right Members, this week you are part of the rebel forces brawling against the Amazing Hegemony of Dull-Headed Elocutions. And as such, you are to avoid the millenium’s overused and boring answer to ‘groovy’: the word ‘amazing’. This adjective has come to describe anything from your new allergy medicine to Beyoncé videos to the Large Hadron Collider. What it really means is, ‘I came in contact with something that I can’t stop thinking about so I need to tell you so you too can use the word amazing.’ To wit: nothing. So this week, when the urge strikes to emphasize your experience, and that experience is just too giant to convey accurately in passing conversation, why not juice up your adjectives – get them some Dean & Sammy’s showgirl headdresses and use fresh takes like ‘saxicolous’ or ‘pukka’ or ‘hypaethral’. Or go easier yet with self-explanitory wowers like ‘Charles Barkely,’ ‘cha-cha heels,’ or ‘orange.’ Your mouth, which is getting tired of the same old, same old will cease to swallow its tongue.

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