Today, you are a member of… Happy New Year!

Welcome, Members, to the week of time travel. Here within the last eigenstates of 2014 we have the fantastic Fourier transform of the New Year cycling us into 2015. And in this transfer there are a few things to remember: Waves migrate energy, worrying not about moving matter nor mass; Electromagnetic waves have no problem bounding about in a vacuum; without waves you can’t sing old Prince songs in the shower. As such, 2015 is a great set of frequencies for suspending wave-particle duality in favor of repeated variation proceeding through time. Rather than locking into some boring linear graph of one dimensional dots and ignoring how fun it is to say Huygens, go harmonic, transverse, longitudinal, or torsional – any which way but Newtonian. Enjoy both point A AND point B. When looking at an On Kawara date painting, see not a sign on canvas but a massive condensed pocket of everything that wiggles around you. Though it is suggested that you avoid the brown acid, understand 2015 not according to the illusion of grids, but as all sorts of propogations in the oscillioscopic multiverse of the wavy.

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