Today, you are a member of… Happy New Year !

Presenting 2014, Members. You’ll notice, there’s nothing in this hand. Nothing in the other hand either. As such, for the next twelve months, they are free to palm, switch, ditch, steal, load, simulate, and misdirect. No matter that such sleight of hand can bend both toward dexterity and deception, calculus and chicanery, prestidigitation and pretense (dialectics get us nowhere); what matters is the action. There is no better way to expose a hack than to outperform them with their own techniques. And though making something from seemingly nothing sounds like magic, it’s been pointed out that real magic, or magic that can actually be done, is not what’s considered real magic. Real magic doesn’t exist. But prestidigitation does. So hone your existential arm-end choreography: conjure something from the guise of nothing. And get yourself a cape – it always impresses.

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