Today, you are a member of… Happy New Year!

WYSIWYG, Members. In 2016, what you see is what you get. Far from the cynical, tech-defensive concept, that which girds your 2016 membership is an approach that demands you see what it is you intend to get. Train to perform alchemic feats of lighter than air oracularity. Insist the Snellen Chart reveal all its lines in dayglo, three-story letters. Decipher any and all alternate realities hiding in uncut-up texts. Command acceptance for all that you are when you are seen, like Flip Wilson’s Geralidine. Destroy all dogmatic visual systems. If done with the intensity of a radiocative 1964 Chevy Malibu, you may just find yourself in the repossession of a ride that was yours all along.

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