Today, you are a member of… Highway Stars

This week, Members, back in the hinterlands of the early 20th century, the State of Tennessee indicted John Scopes for teaching evolution and effectively breaking the law passed by the Butler Act that said origins of hairless apes may only be defined by that hard-to-shake palimsest, The Bible. To that, Members, a hardy and adament cry of bullshit should ring through that air like a Ritchie Blackmore solo. That being the case, take up a musical instrument this week, learn Smoke on the Water (one of the easier classics and released in May of 1973) and turn it up to eleven, just in case the the neighbors don’t hear you. Point is, sure, there will be indictments and trials (and perhaps a misguided conviction or two) but the monkey inside of all of us knows: we’re all highway stars.

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