Today, you are a member of… Hot Rats

Way back before there was cyber society or power in “Likes” or chads there was something called government in the shape of the Continental Confederation Congress and it was unwieldy, contingent on weather, volcanos and epidemics, and technically without authority. That all changed on January 14, 1784, when the CCC ratified the Treaty of Paris which, and among other things, gave hall passes to the Brits for the Mississippi River, recognized the 40 mil borrowed by the Revolutionaries from the French and Dutch had to be repaid, and granted bonifides to the the United States. But as with any story of sovereignity, it’s complicated. Only 7 delegates got their asses into seats for the meeting, which meant a 9 of 13 quorum wasn’t reached. The solution came in the form of a bit of fantastic Jeffersonian two-proposition self-cancellation: we’ll ratify the treaty but not our own competency. But then Connecticut and South Carolina showed up, quorum was had, and hot ratification followed. Point being, Members, this week, you might have to come up with some creative ways to sustain your authority until it actually shows up, but you look good legit so pull out every logical fallacy there is until proclamation is yours.

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