Today, you are a member of… Huh

What better name for a god or goddess, members, than ‘Huh’? After all, the typical reason for inventing a deity is to explain shit considered inexplicable. And the Ancient Egyptians, when not perfecting irrigation or language systems or architecture, put a lot of effort into coming up with the Ogdoad – a gnostic octad of intersexed overbeings totemed by frogs and snakes, a crew cold-lampin’ in Hermopolis Magna before the cosmic goose came along and hatched Ra who then went right ahead and invented the bathing ape. Huh was in charge of eternity and infinite space in those days and, when the fancy hit, chaos. Now members, it’s not that you got to get religion this week, but if you find a need to pray, why not avoid the obvious and invoke Huh? Who better to help out with this week’s mobius strips and unpredictability than an ancient god/ess whose moniker is the modern form of the simplest question there is?

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