Today, you are a member of… Innards

innardsWe all got ’em, members–innards. And this week, with the opening of the Olympic Games and anniversary of Former President Nixon’s resignation, it’s prime time to figure out what’s busting a gut, laughing on the inside. Don’t settle for the birdseye view through the umbilicus either–x-ray that sac you’re in. Guaranteed, you’ll find the ilks internal more entertaining than the torrent of crappy reality shows on the cultural horizon. Whether gushy and coloful, hard-core and classic, or a black hole of ambition, show ’em what you got Olympian style or state firmly what you’re not using Tricky Dick wile. That way the words Gnothi Seauton or Nosce te Ipsom don’t tell you nothing you don’t already know.

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