Today, you are a member of… Irrationality

GCRGet your party hats out and welcome a seven day vacation from reason, members. It starts today, the international celebration of that most irrational and transcendental superstar of Euclidean Geometry, ‘pi’. It ends next Thursday, on the 92nd anniversary of Einstein’s publication of “The Foundations of the General Theory of Relativity,” which rendered Newtonian Gravity unsound. In between you will find yourself on the way to one seemingly logical place after another–only never to get there, much to the benefit of your overall destiny. Consider it a channelling of Grover Cleveland, who would be celebrating his 171st birthday this week. Back in 1854, when Cleveland headed in a coherent fashion toward Cleveland, Ohio he got waylaid but good in Buffalo. There he became a lawyer, a sheriff, the mayor and eventually Governor of New York and the 22nd & 24th president of the United States. So while reason may escape you for the next 168 hours, victory will not so long as you let Irrationality, that great mathematical constant, remind you: Cleveland Rocks. It just does so nonconsecutively.

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