Today, you are a member of… Johnsmotics

Neo-Dada and Fluxus are your twin constellations this week, Members. To whit: mail is art; dance diagrams are bunny ears; icons are fodder for personal collages; nothing is an event; Poetry is the Paper Snake; a week is seven nonconsecutive days. Sure you’ll run into the gargoyles of the art world demanding you sell your chances for a pittance and your happenings as the material disguised as ephemera and a lot of people just won’t get your Dead Pan Club. But let your inner Ray Johnson lay a plush carpet of osmotics over anything and everything that moves with intent of malaligned notoriety and watch it wiggle and furrow like a bunny underground, until it accepts your invitation to the Boza Mansion for a delicious libation of indeterminate music served in an aroma of glue.

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