Today, you are a member of… Just Add Rocket Fuel

Sure, sure, sure, sure, sure, sure, sure, sure there are other, other, other ways to get your ya yas, but none so fundamental to the mouse on the bicycle peddling madly inside the brain of the machine that makes America run. Yes, yes, Yes, YES! Members: COFFEE! It’s the beverage that (if done right) puts a megaphone up to your morning and welcomes you boldy to alacrity. Notwithstanding the twitchy aggravation at the vexing lack of speed less caffeinated beings exhibit; notwithstanding the global agricultural politics of the ubiquity of business built on a bean that does not grow in the US; not withstanding the bastardization of such vital substance through monstrous imposters like Folgers and corporate bullies like Starbucks. So this week, as International Coffee Day barges in, be sure to brew yourself a fine pot of fair trade gumption, get jacked and take care of some business. Someone has to put out those fires.

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