Today, you are a member of… Last Word / Smashed Word

What’s so attractive about the Last Word, Members? Unless you are talking about a helluva night club in South Central circa 1941, The Last Word is a mostly mythical concept that lives in on contemporary times as the physical theatricality by which to make an exit from a conversation via petulant insistence on a roundly moot point, brutal outlandishness, or snark. Since so much geologic time was spent developing this democracy we call language, no conversation is ever ended, at least for us hairless monkeys. There is just a mutual agreement to use earshot for other topics. And Ozymandias would surely agree that The Last Word mostly turns into Smashed Word in patently non-geologic time. So this week, Members, don’t let the last word debate forums fool you – avoid them at all costs. There are definitely more interesting conversations continuing on, and certainly in night clubs in South Central.

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