Today, you are a member of… Les Egouts

If you ever find yourself in Paris, Members, take a trip underground and tour the Sewer Museum, or what’s more poetically called in French, Les Egouts de Paris. On such a tour, you take a boat ride down subterranean corridors and learn about civil engineering and those unsung heros, sanitation workers. Designed by Eugene Belgrand, the myriad network of tunnels and pumps of Les Egouts had duel purpose: prevent polluting the Seine so fresh water, that true delight, remained plentiful; secondarily, keep Paris from flooding. This week, Members, which starts out on the birth of the champion of the below-the-surface realm, Sigmund Freud, there might be some dirty work to attend to. But just take an engineering approach to, and perhaps a boat ride through, whatever maze of mess demands your attention. Assuredly, you’ll come out much more cosmopolitan, polyprincipled, and learned while you find new ways to flush out the crap.

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