Today, you are a member of… Lexicology

wordIt took Dr. Samuel Johnson a decade to complete A Dictionary of the English Language, the penultimate wordsmith resource for Ye English Speakers. And who wouldn’t want to spend a decade with words? With prom queens like Evanescence, jolly good fellows like Avuncular, and giants like Jeroboam, you got pretty good company. They aren’t just fun to be around either; words can supply clarity or obscurity no matter what your vocation. For science geeks there’s Xenolith, those prone to aphorisms, Gadget, and of coarse, the everyman can rely on the ultimate everyman word, The. If you are feeling verby, you can Truncate, Gravitate, Rock, Explode, or Venture. Endless fun, for a decade or more. This week you got to find your word, member. Whether its a fun-to-say morpheme string like Absurdist, an excessive Greek decendant like Onomatopoeia or a nouny hard worker like Peanut, find it, introduce yourself, and take it out for a spin.

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