Today, you are a member of… Libra Bilanx

You know what’s weird, Members? Never, ever, does someone refer to themselves as being “on kilter.” In fact, usually people are thown, put or pushed off kilter. Why is equilibrium and footing such a non act? Why is kilter something that etymologically comes on the scene in the late 1700s and then takes off as a verbal familiar in the 1950s? Why is kilter something far more externally effected than internally assumed? Like being combobulated or gruntled, the dialectic seems to skew common parlance in a particularly negative direction. So this week, fine focused Members, get you your kilter on and balance between all gravitational pulls that promote downward spirals. Remain upright, stable and just. Though some consider such a feat a circus act, Members know: it’s a biomechanical imperative.

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