Today, you are a member of… Like an Aggregate Arranged in an Orderly Manner

Yes, Members, it’s that time of year, when an Ode to geologic aggregates of minerals or mineraloids is the best reverie out there. Let’s laud Rocks not only for their lithospheric glory but for their nonpetrological chops as well: they never have to run to catch the bus (they don’t have legs); usernames and other prestidigitational security strategies are existentially irrelevant; they provide in all their stationary muteness clues to the Hadean Eon, that primordial era named by Preston Cloud for its fiery volcanism; a whole genre of music likes to think it can mimic this planetary feature. So this week be sedimentary and build up something solid; get igneous with anyone who needs a fire lit under their ass; and if you’re under pressure, use it as metamorphic means to make your protolith into something new.

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