Today, you are a member of… Magnum Brown Suki Paloski

On November 13th, 1970 a special occassion came into being – The Neutrino Event. It was the first observation of a neutrino ploughing into a proton using a Hydrogen Bubble Chamber. And just as the ‘little neutral one’ was doubted to exist long after there was the math to prove it; and just as neutrinos are almost everywhere, flying through objects like so many spider webs, seemingly uneffected by the matter it moves through; and just as neutrino mosh pits make mysterious mu mesons and pi mesons and give way to rumors of superluminal travel, this week, members, you shall attain the ubiquity and flavor of that most interesting elemental subatomic particle that so kept Wolfgang Pauli and Enrico Fermi rapt. Best to keep your near-zero mass in motion and, as with that most cultural of scientists, Flava Flav, take your live lyrics from the bank of reality thereby kicking the flyest dope maneuver technicality. Your spin will be epic.

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