Today, you are a member of… MegaEncephalomania

Brains are totally bitchen, Members. Why else would zombies love eating them? They are like doublerainbow sparklerama powerhouse electric wowwow genereators. Between the neurons, axons, and the ever fantastic electric light show of synaps, there really is no substitute. All they ask is that they get a little attention every once in a while and maybe some broccoli on occasion. Sure you might be in fluffier places where gray is not the new black and where indicating your knowledge of the periodic table of elements isn’t a social asset but don’t you dare hide behind your tiara! This week it’s time to strut your wrinkly gray evolutionary yeah-yeah organ and get your MegaEncephalomania on. Indeed, there are plenty of zombies out there willing to go gastronomical on it if you don’t.

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