Today, you are a member of… Merry Mutation

In this the week that starts with the eve of one big-ass franchise slouching its way toward Bethlehem, consider a brand born a mere 23 years ago: On December 28th, 1987, a cult-beloved group of violent, killing terrapins with unprofessional, black-and-white zine format origins, turned godzilla media boon when Murakami-Wolf-Swenson divorced them from their original Eastman-Laird conception and dressed them in more palatable comicon neon green cels. And though said merry mutation may be the darkerside of repetition and difference, it still beats slogging around in the dark dialectic ages. So this yuletide seven, if all the talk of birthrights and consumptive eternal return gets you feeling more teenage than ninja, just shed your ego and get your splinter cell on by taking that, your majestic inner schizophrenia, for a walk.

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