Today, you are a member of… Now Look

Kant sez: reality as we perceive it is not purely objective – it is at least partly subjective. Parker agrees: You can lead a horticulture, but you can’t make her think. Despite Kant’s reputation for churchiness and Parker’s for dismissiveness, let’s talk about these two, Members. Dogma insists that it is objective, but Kant sez, well, actually you help it along by letting your feelings and beliefs eclipse critical thinking and seeing every challenge as a blow to the ego instead of a curiosity. Conversely, a Fact insists that it is objective, but Parker sez, well actually they are hard won, with evolutionary blood, sweat, and tears and not just laid out there like chickenless eggs for all to see. Plus a lot of idiots won’t want a bit of it despite their being thirsty. If there was ever a moment for some combined talents of Mr. Kant and Mz. Parker, it is now. So Members, this week, despite the batshit that seems to have taken up a firm residence in the collective, truly Freudian psyche we call America, let’s get philosophical and really look. Yes, let’s deny the authority of all the empirical fallacies, and all that which is definitely lying, and all the shelves jittering with bottles of delusion and celebrate ten years of membership by doing some sweaty work of looking. C’mon! Put your ocularus shoulder into it! You know what you’ll see? Kant and Parker making out on an island in the moon right now.

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