Today, you are a member of… O Analog, my Analog

analogYes, members, we come to the end of U.S. high powered, analog television transmission as deigned by that most unctuous of bodies, the FCC and its ally in oilyness, Congress. And although havoc will be visited upon our metaphors (Pixelation!/don’t start none!/won’t be none!) and the spectrum red-carpeted for jive cell phone companies to charge us out the wazoo for filling the air with our natter, the Year of Analog is far from over. There’s plenty of reason to get your analog on, even though the 16:9 digibabies born after today will never know just how much fun it was to mess with the knobs on the back of the TV so to make Batman look as if he lived in an oscilioscope. Just as the ‘airplane stays up because it doesn’t have time to fall,’ hi-fidelity, sustained old schoolers keep the continous signal faith because they got places to be and things to invent, no matter this analog television monkey has gone to heaven.

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