Today, you are a member of… Ode to the T-Shirt

tshirtOh thou most humble of undergarments
Now held up as publicist, spokesperson
And vessel of personal branding
Whether cotton or polyesther
The less is what makes you more:
Buttonless, collarless, pocketless
A sheer form of being and nothingness.
Perfect for slogans, memberships,
And cryptic references
Designed with maximum minimalism in mind.
From pragmatic Army-issue origins
Now cosmic torsonian messenger
In a pliant Jersey-knit.
How perfection becomes thee!
How ubiquity confirms thee!
How variation elevates thee!
In thy honor, members do huzzuh:
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Sweat on it, chill in it, or speak through it
The T-shirt is the window to the soul!

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