Today, you are a member of …Omnibust a Move

Around this time in 1828, Members, Paris got their first bus system, courtesy of Stanislas Baudry.  Nicknamed the ‘Omnibus’, our public transportation phenomenon has grown in some ways and shrunk in others (from private enterprise to municipal works, from omnibus to just bus, sometimes hailed and loved like the SLUT in Seattle, sometimes loathed and scorned like the system in Los Angeles). Regardless of the variations, the modern bus is a greatness we should all revere – since it not only trucks us to places we need to be but proves an inspiration for tons of song writers: “Busload of Faith” – Lou Reed; “Mark on the Bus” – Beastie Boys; “Bus Driver” – Muddy Waters; “Magic Bus” – The Who; “Bus to Beezelbub” – Soul Coughing’; and so on and so on. This week, Members,  let’s all catch the bus and ride the hell out of the 2.6 meters of public zoom.

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