Today, you are a member of… One Weird Place

ubikLots of things are ubiquitous, members. Oxygen. (Lucky!) Celebrity offspring. (Annoying!) 2009. (Yeah!) But you know what’s unubiquitous? The odd singularity. Like the unPhotoshopped magazine picture. Or the word ‘snollygaster’. Or Hasil Adkins. Or happening upon a parade of adults dressed in large pink bunny rabbit constumes, all of whom are named ‘Carol.’ It would seem the weird onesy is quite the renegade rarity. Except according to the laws of physics, we’re beholden to at least one giant singularity: The Big Bang. So this week, as the ubiquitous yammers on about what’s hot and what’s not, why not make like the universe and let loose with a weird one? Really, it’s a lot more interesting than anything bred on the cover of People magazine.

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