Today, you are a member of ….Redemption


Hey Members, as we roll into a  week of redemptive holidays, be sure to kick up your saviors a notch or two – let’s forego the dour and serious sacrificial kind and go for something with more rainbow feathers and bacchanalia.  And if you are looking for words to live by or concepts of celebration in a time of bullshit, look no further than that of Guillermo Gomez-Pena when he asks: can one who appears like a brown  chalupa nightmare who invites dialog, exchange even consolidation among the races the generations the classes the sexes the senses be taken at face/FATE value? This  harpie/ brujo/shaman in wrestler’s El Santero mask and skin-tight mariachi garb tattooed to a fare-thee-well intoning operatic baritone incantations in feathered headdress or acid-trip sombrero best kept at arms-length defies the branding as an exotic, an eccentric, a novelty by means of politically sound compassionate reasoning, the humor of logic despoiled the of-the-minute sensibility full of wisdom and the skewed normality that passes for the status quo? Answer yes, Members.  Answer Yes!

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