Today, you are a member of… Reductio ad absurdum

Let’s all take a refreshing dip in the Atheism pool, shall we members? No, you don’t have to grow neruomasty lateral lines or take to scuttling across the floors of the silent seas, but this week, why not get a little absurd and take dogma to the mat a time or two? Logical consequences of theological arguments for the big G can be fun thought experiements, even if you are a believer. As such, your patron saint, er, patron brainiac for this week is Bertrand Russell, the most dignified of atheists, who explains his disbelief in godhype as such: The world in which we live can be understood as a result of muddle and accident; but if it is the outcome of deliberate purpose, the purpose must have been that of a fiend. For my part, I find accident a less painful and more plausible hypothesis. – 1956, The Mysteries of Life and Death. This week, enjoy the tumbling surf of a random and complex universe, even if just for seven days and seven nights. And not to worry; the shore won’t go anywhere. But you might find you like to swim.

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