Today, you are a member of… Right On

You know what is hard to write in cursive, Members? A lower case ‘r’. Here’s why: it requires a very finessed angle to differetiate it from a sloppy ‘n’ or a hyperdeliberate (and somewhat uptight) school teacher’s chalkboard example. Beyond the mechanics, the letter ‘R’ comes from the egyptian word for head (res) and let’s face it – nobody likes making their center of reason diminutive, er, rather, to the grapheme-minded, miniscule. What are we, if not Captial Rs all the time and that which stands for computational complexity? So this week, Members, if you find your cursive hand being true to its etymology and running roughshod over those shorty ‘r’s, think of it as an existential reminder to live up to the giantness of what goes on in your grey cells before the some sort of punctuation sneaks up on you.

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