Today, you are a member of… Robots on TV

Hello Members, I am Karel Capek, very influential 20th century Czech writer. 74 years ago this week the BBC brought science fiction to the small screen with its televised adaptation of of my theatrical work, R.U.R. It was the first time there were robots on TV. The first time! Can you imagine a televisual world without robots? It’s nonsensical. Especially in election season. The Brits’ cathode ray also amplified to the most insane magnitude my etymological coup: the coining of the actual term ‘robot.’ I mean – I made that up – with just my head! Well, actually I think my brother Josef did. And actually in Czech it’s robota, which Phil Collins should be happy about. And no, I didn’t make up the Three Laws of Robotics – that was Asimov, asshole! I’m not going to argue the random details here. Point is – Robotics, though connnoting the automated drudge of forced labor, is actually a very creative and useful concept. This week you might just encounter a situation that can only be described as Robotic. My playright advice to you: Don’t be a Robot. Do the Robot.

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