Today, you are a member of… S is for S’all Right

It’s that September time of year, members (at least for you Northern Hemispherians) when the word ‘work’ takes on all the stalwart syllables of the utterance ‘labour’ and its obligation feels like a wheelbarrow stacked with bricks quarried during Karl Marx’s lifetime. Well, the way to make it through mid-September is Substitution. Don’t say, ‘I got to get to work,’ say ‘I got to get to the breeze’ or ‘I’ve got to fly to Venus’. Anything fluffy or random will do, just don’t reify, reiterate or reinforce the wretched weight of the word WORK. If that doesn’t do it for you, meditate of this: etymologically, a ‘sledge’ can be a damn heavy hammer (from the Norse word, sleggja) or a super fast sled (from the Dutch dialect sleedse). So substitute wrathy Thorishness for a little speed of the Netherlands and remember: It may be a beat down out there, but as a member, Septembers’all right.

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