Today, you are a member of… Sand Your Steels

Here’s the thing about glamour, Members. The stuff is eye catching, sure, but a little poetic etymology will trace the word’s root to Glama or Glomma, the moniker of the longest and largest river in Norway, a name coming from the old form of ‘glaumr’ which, in turn, traces to ‘raumr,’ meaning a ‘loud noise’ or ‘thunder’. Fitting, as glamour is certainly loud and swaddled in rumory mystique – though a bit heavy on the head if it is bedazzled enough and worn for long stretches. So this week, forgo the vogue and opt for a fugue like the luge – in motion rather than posing, with g-force far surpassing representation, and reliant not on the eye’s attraction but on full-on focus for physic’s demands.

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