Today, you are a member of… Sluagh-Ghairm

Funny thing about slogans, mottos, and other things heraldic. Maaan, are they fun to say and yet the gusto given to using said utterances as stand-ins for acuity and the relish with which such sentiments are used to promote ill-informed action make them knotty territory, even if they do lend your bellowing the shinola of authority. Consider the obscure (“Based Here. Best Here” – Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex), insipid (“God Made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve” – homophobes), santimonious (“God and My Right” – the UK), threatening (“Don’t Tread On Me” – the US), grammatically incorrect (“Beef – It’s What’s For Dinner” – Beef Checkoff Program, Chicago). Plus they usually involve sloganeers, which – let’s face it – usually aren’t the finest brain specimens in the laboratory. So this week, slog away but maybe think of catchcopy that is on the side of the odd (“It’s a Great Place to Live – If You’re a Grapfruit.” – Rod Serling), prescient (“Bigger Cages! Longer Chains!” – Anarchist), or action so rare and refined to be suprising (“Listen O Listen” – the clan Arthur) to represent how fortune favors your bold.

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