Today, you are a member of… Solar Flares

Feeling transrational lately, Members? A bit Futurist and geometric? Wondering where the light is? Not to worry. You are simply experiencing the double echo of Victory Over the Sun, a play staged at Luna Park, St. Petersberg in 1913 and then again in Washington D.C. this week in 1981. A triple-threat of Russian Cubo-Futurism, written in the invented language of zaum by Mikhail Matyashin, stage designed by Kasimir Malevich, and produced by the collective Soyuz Molodyozhi. The event is also known as the first presentation of Malevich’s “black square” painting. The gist is, aliens come and capture the sun and go around making pronouncements like “All’s well that begins well and has no end/ the world will perish but there is no end to us!” Point being this week, whether you capture the sun, stick it on your hat, or set the controls for it’s heart, make sure you have a bit of solar flare in your machinations.

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