Today, you are a member of… Super Orbit

If Sun Ra is right, and the second stop is Jupiter, then the first stop, at least for Glo Helin (1932-2009) planetary scientist and Near Earth Object expert, has gotta be the Main Asteroid Belt and its tangents in our Amor Belt, Members. And if your orbit for the next seven days is anthing like her’s back in the 1980s, you’ll be celebrating more than Krispy Kremes during this week that begins on National Donut Day. Consider: June 4th, 1986 Glo discovered Asteroid 3988 1986 LA whizzing around the Amor Belt. And then on June 4th 1989 she had first sight of Asteroid 5735 Loripaul in the Main Belt. And these are but two of the 872 asteroids that she discovered during her 35 year career at Nasa Jet Propulsion Lab, heading up programs with names like Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey, Trans-Neptunianian Object Tracking, and Near Earth Object Tracking (NEAT). So here in the week that starts on the day that celebrates nature’s most perfect food, make like Glo, take to the donut shaped universe and find yourself a flying rock in the sky to put your name on.

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