Today, you are a member of… Sweet New Ride

NewGreenDodgeWheels are a controversial things these days, members. Nothing beats a giant engine flying you down the road with full-on speed as the point. Except in post-modern times, there’s a ginormous price to pay called oil. Does that mean horsepower is dead? Hell no, members. Because what’s life without the states of bliss known as Mach, knots, and Tapei 101 rocket elevator speed. Humans need speed like stripers need pasties – it’s just more fun that way. The trick is to think outside the linear lock-box, come up with new ways to acheive climbing speed, the speed of sound, and orbital speed. And as monkeys who like tools, it’s only a matter of time before one of us primates remembers how to go fast without a scarce, hugely explosive commodity. So this week, members, put on your beanie cap and work the invention-think. It’s time for a sweet new ride to bust you out of the oily murk.

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