Today, you are a member of… Thataway

windOf all the elements, Wind doesn’t get the props like the other big three, Earth, Fire and Water. It doesn’t symbolize all of Christiandom Hell. It’s not charged with being our mother or that which baptizes us. Its representation in aphorisms is spotty, being either misunderstood, as in ‘pushing the envelope’ or reduced to literal pithiness (see: ‘the winds of change’). At best, Wind is thought of as an invisibility to which eras go to be gone or a descriptor wherein people are always bent. A pretty lame legacy considering Wind is the element that has sway over all the others – unstoppable by fire, water, and earth and capable of moving each with its Æolian processes. This being the case, the next seven days are a time to give the gale its due: buy an Anemometer, go fly a kite, or put on some clogs and climb a windmill – anything to get the Zephyr behind you.

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