Today, you are a member of… The Anti-HMO

bfjYou know what’s great about America, members? The fact that, like ex-Weatherman Brian Flanagan, you can be a member of a violent, left wing organization and go on Jeopardy to win $23,000 dollars in the same lifetime. This week, nestled solid in the face- exploding debate over healthcare reform, you’ll have similar options. Don’t kid yourself, though; both radical underground movements aimed at smashing the status quo and soul-sucking, normative fountains like game shows have a lot in common. Namely: death & taxes. Same thing when it comes the the sides of the Healthcare Hell Ride: It’s all a matter of which you want more of. So this week, convene a death panel for crypto-christian govenment hypochondriacs or advocate a tax on assholism. Just avoid acting like an HMO: A Hot Mess Occluder.

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